Celia Duncan

Deputy Editor, The Times Magazine.

Interning on The Times Magazine is not fun. We’re a tough, fast-paced, no doubt intimidating team and very few pass muster. Sam Dix was one of the very few.  

Within days he had earnt the trust of the team, setting the formidable Times columnist David Aaronovitch up on Tinder for a piece and reverse-mentoring Times writer Sathnam Sanghera, who wrote about the experience in his column.

By the end he was sourcing news stories for the Magazine’s editor, Nicola Jeal, also the Saturday paper’s editor. His ideas made the website front page and His initiative, dedication (during his internship, he was doing a two-hour daily commute while holding down a bar job) and innate understanding of what was needed at The Times meant Sam exceeded expectations on every task he undertook.

Once to make a feature work, he slept on his friend’s sofa overnight to ensure he completed all interviews in person, before transcribing them, selecting the best quotes and filing – all to deadline.

Although he has now finished his internship he still transcribes interviews for Sathnam Sanghera (who says he’s the best transcriber he’s had) and we know – or at least hope – he will definitely be back.


Ben Camm-Jones

Head of Media Relations, Clarity PR.

Sam is one of the most impressive people I have ever worked with in any industry at any level – brimming with good ideas, enthusiasm and a genuine instinct for what makes a good story. 

He’s very quick to understand complex topics and put his ideas into action – and he’s comfortable pitching in to any media outlet, whether global or niche. 


Rob Jessel

Account Director, Clarity PR

It’s not often you come across recent graduates who, in their first PR role, already run media training sessions for their clients. But then Sam’s no ordinary PR. He’s got the chops from having had real jobs in journalism, and this is immediately obvious in his writing, pitching, media knowledge, angle analysis and issues hijacking – skills that usually take years to develop. 

There’s still plenty for him to master in his inchoate career, but in many of the more difficult PR disciplines Sam already functions at a much higher level (and gives far greater ROI) than your average (S)AE.


 David Claxton

Senior Account Manager, Clarity PR

Sam is an extremely bright, motivated PR professional who showed a wealthy of knowledge and skills beyond his years at Clarity PR. 

He quickly became an integral part of the team and was at the forefront of a number of high profile campaigns, driving client coverage and also proactively pitching into media on a large number of expert commentary opportunities. He was never afraid to pick up the phone and speak to a journalist and build up a relationship, which is sadly a dying art form in the industry.

I would highly recommend Sam, he will give 110% effort and takes an unrivalled level of pride and professionalism into his work life.