Articles taken from the University of Birmingham’s student publication, Redbrick. An award winning student newspaper, it has a weekly physical circulation reaching 3000 and around 50000 unique website hits per month at

As Music Editor, duties include working with PR and management companies in acquiring materials which then must be distributed to the writing team. After which, and assuming everything is submitted on time, it is decided what material is to be published and then the pages must be designed and created.


Russell Brand: A New Brand of Revolution A Comment Piece

Published 1/11/2013

Haim – Days are Gone A Review

Published 11/10/2013

Tribes – Wish to Scream   A Review

Published 04/06/2013

The See See – Fountayne Mountain A Review

Published 02/07/2012

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires  A Review

Published 28/06/2012

The Civil Wars at Institute Birmingham A Live Review

Published 24/04/2012

Chiddy Bang – Breakfast A Review

Published 22/04/2012


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