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Articles written for the students section of The Huffington Post UK. Personal profile can be found at:


2013: The Year of Peace – A bit about Fearne Cotton, a bit about uninhabited Spanish villas but a lot about Peace

Published 27/12/2013

Faux-Folk: What Is It So Smug About? – Giving conceited acoustic guitar slingers a telling off

Published 06/01/2013

David Bowie: What We Can Expect From ‘The Next Day’ – An entirely serious and sincere preview of what Bowie’s album will almost definitely consist of

Published 09/01/2013

Finding a New Groove: Why We Won’t Miss HMV as Much as We Think – or ‘Stop Whinging You Never Ever Bought Anything From There Anyway’

Published 15/01/2013

The Real Reason ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ Is Unreasonable – Thatcher’s death was a lesson in how not to do a proper protest

Published 12/04/2013

Exams: Time for a change – Expanding on the exam debate and the ridiculousness of them in arts based subjects

Published 19/05/2013


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