Haim – Days Are Gone

Busy polishing their image since debut EP ‘Forever’ became an unexpected hit last year, Haim have presumably been very keen to mould themselves into popstars, or at least, a recognisable entity within the World of Pop. Since winning the BBC Sound of 2013 Poll and seemingly appearing on every stage performing with every other band at Glastonbury, they’ve even met Britain’s least popular Prime Minister since the last one, David Cameron, who awkwardly took to Twitter to thank the band for giving him a copy of their debut album.

Haim seem an intelligent bunch, which raises the question as to why they decided to wedge their first three singles in at the beginning of the album. Is it because they are aware of the tight deadlines journalists have to adhere to these days, knowing there is little chance of any pop critic listening past track 5 without already having formed most of the review? Or are they hoping we will forget what is a really poor second side of the album?

 It is heavily produced, a cynic could argue this is at the management’s behest, eager to cash in on their current popularity. Given that their ball-busting live shows have been praised for their edgier rock display, perhaps some life has been sucked out of the band, perhaps too many synths have spoiled the broth. Clearly mega-bucks have been thrown at this record, with the intention of paving the way to chart success.

While we knew Haim weren’t exactly going to change the world, we thought they’d at least produce a more interesting album than this. It’s boringly brooding, and instead of their attitude fuelled rock we know and love, they seem to have been tripped up by the large amount of money in front of them.  My only advice to anyone thinking about buying this album is either a) buy the singles or b) see if you can get a deal where you can pay half price and just get the first half of the album. The entire second side isn’t worth listening to.




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