Review: Oasis, Be Here Now


Oasis: Be Here Now

I’ve had a bit of an Oasis week, listening to Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory in one day on friday i decided to tackle the almighty beast that is Be Here Now. All in all its a fantastic record. A highly underrated one (how could anything follow the previous two albums). Some of Noel’s best songwriting is on show here, with a ‘rocky’ theme supported by generally good melodies and catchy choruses (‘I hope, I think, I know’). There is one major problem with this album though. Due to their heads exanding at such a big rate (the popularity of the previous two albums) they decided not to use a producer. This was a bad idea. All of the songs are over 4 minutes, with some hitting the 9 minute mark. Now, a producer would have sat them down and said, “look lads, this is a bit daft”. And as we do get fed up with hearing “all around the world….”, the songs could have done with a little cropping. Saying that, i get as bored as the next vaguely-interested-in-music person with 2 minute pop songs, and, although they are slightly repetative due to the length, the songs are of good enough quality to carry it along.

All in all an album which had all the quality, the potential, but less delivery.

Top Tracks

1: Stand By Me
2: My Big Mouth
3: Magic Pie
4: I Hope, I Think, I Know


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